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Learn new cooking skills, improve your overall health and become a part of our fun community!

Contact us to learn more about classes we offer! Have a group that is interested in nutrition & cooking classes? View our class inventory below and pick out something that is right for your group/ organization. We are also proud to offer these classes as part of our corporate wellness programs.

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Class Inventory

Simple Cooking

Just learning how to cook? Our program teaches hands on cooking skills including how to prepare balanced meals and healthy snacks for a busy lifestyle. Learn basic skills for baking, cooking on a stove top, grilling as well as budgeting and meal planning. Great gift idea for singles or couples on their own. (2 hours)

Meal Planning

Create interesting meals using what you have.  Learn what to always keep stocked in your pantry to make things delicious. Includes tips and tricks of how to shop on a budget, time manage and  how to make meals with the highest nutritional value!

Beginning Bakers

Baking is an art!   Learn how bake fresh sweet and savory breads, muffins, popovers, cakes, scones and more!

Grilled to Perfection

Learn the secret to perfect grilling.   Create beautiful roasted vegetable masterpieces. Smoked, seared and herb seasoned steaks, fish, chicken and more!

Snack Packs

Snacks packs are not just for kids!  Did you know that unhealthy snacking  or not eating when your hungry can  cause you to overeat at the next meal?  This class will feature a series of easily prepared healthy snacks for people aways on the go. Never go hungry again!

Pesto, Sauces & Dressings

Packed with flavor and low in salt and sugar, have you ever considered making your own sauces and dressings?  You will be surprised by the taste difference and pleased with cost savings all while having more to enjoy! Never buy store bought again. These simple recipes are all you need.

Sizzling with the Chefs

Take your cooking expertise to the next level and wow your friends and family with dazzling delicious dishes that will knock their socks off! This series of classes features guest chefs who have spent their lives perfecting the art of the meal. Each class focuses on technique, using whole ingredients and balancing the business of nutrition with the pleasure of mouth watering recipes that are guaranteed to impress. (2-3 hours)

Big Fat Berries

Want to tap into your honey’s desire?  This is the class for you!  focus on “fresh” eating including berries (in smoothies, dinners, as desserts) Learn the key ingredients for your love potion, especially those that increase your sex drive.

Spice It Up

Hold the salt, and pass the herbs and spices. Our chefs will show you how to make dishes with real flavor using savory (and sweet) herbs and spices from around the globe. This class will include basic meal prep using the most beneficial pairings of the simplest ingredients. Our dietitians will also discuss the ‘super foods’ such as turmeric and holy basil and how to use them in foods and homemade teas for the biggest taste and wellness bang.

Fall For It

Autumn in New England is the perfect time to take advantage of a bountiful harvest of nutrients and color. The fall menu is ripe with healthy, savory vegetables that are versatile and can boost your immune system just in time for the winter blues and flus. Our chefs will show you how to prepare a cornucopia of fall food using seasonal riches such as root vegetables, maple syrup, squashes and seeds, kale and other foods at their finest.

Greece It Up

The Mediterranean diet is the present-day fountain of youth according to most wellness gurus and culinary aficionados. Olive oil, lemons, fresh vegetables, whole grains: It is a perfect marriage of taste and balance and getting in your daily recommendations. This class will teach you the basics (and the secrets) of the Greeks from stocking your kitchen with Mediterranean staples to making simple and delicious foods such as hummus, tabbouleh, pesto and other dishes.

Comfort Food

Let’s face it, we all love a good leg of fried chicken. And creamy beef stroganoff. How about a buttery pudding? There’s a reason it’s called comfort food. Let us show you how to have your (ganache) cake and eat it, too. We’ll take typically rich foods that we all crave and show you how to modify these recipes so that all you’re losing is the fat, not the taste. Put the fryer away, we’re not making it like mama used to!  

Ninja Knife Skills

No one is born with natural blade capacity. Even Julia Child had to practice wielding the edge in order to get her chopping, dicing and julienning skills just right. Part of the reason people are afraid to venture into the kitchen is their lack of confidence using the necessary equipment. Fear not, a properly sharpened blade will be your best friend for years to come.

Winter Warm Up

A great variety of dishes are cooked using moist heat methods – whether you are referring to soups, stews, steamed foods, or braised dishes. These are all beloved foods around the world because they evoke a feeling of sharing or community. In understanding the differences between specific moist-heat cooking methods, you will be able to successfully understand and practice a great number of recipes from around the world. Perfect old family favorites and explore new culinary creations with these tried and true warming methods.

Flavor Savor

Now that you’ve got all this fabulous food, how do you save it for dinner? Leftovers are great, but only if they get the attention they deserve. We’ll show you how to preserve, freeze and re-imagine meals to make the most out of your gardens, Sunday dinners and bountiful CSA shares.

All Things Chocolate

This class will explore the benefits of chocolate, not just as a coveted dessert, but as a sweet and savory element to meals, a valuable and ancient aphrodisiac and unique flavor enhancer to any dish.

Vegetables for All!

Let our chefs show you what to pair and how to prepare veggies using steaming, blanching, stir frying, flash sauteing and in the raw. Staple preparation techniques from around the world for optimal nutritional value and flavor.

Nutrition Wellness Seminars 

Ever have a burning nutrition question? Bring your questions and come for an interactive seminar with a cooking demo and learn how food can be used as preventive medicine.  Learn how to incorporate simple changes in your everyday meals to make a large impact in your health.

The Puzzle of Parenting : Workshop for Parents

In this workshop we’ll talk about how to introduce new foods to feed picky eaters and maintain a healthy diet (and your sanity!). We’ll look at portion size and talk about how much to push your child to eat foods s/he doesn’t want. Come have fun while learning to avoid mealtime battles.

Want to Look Better Naked? Men’s Weight Loss and Butt-Kicking Group

This class will explore the inevitable connection between your weight and your sex life. It’s time to lift the veil of mystery (and misery) and explore the biochemistry of your gut, how to set and hit reasonable health goals and how to cook and eat foods that support weight loss. This is the class that will help you find your vitality again.

Healthy Transitions: Moving Towards Healthier Food Choices

Do you want to make lasting changes to your health? Are you confused by all the conflicting nutrition information out there? In this session, we will discuss how to make manageable changes towards healthier food choices. You will be given tips on cooking, planning ahead, grocery shopping, and budgeting.

Maintaining Health During the Holidays

The holidays are a time full of family, friends, celebrations and good food. In today’s world they can also be full of stress, lack of sleep and overimbibing. Join our Nutrition Educator as she discusses the health implications of “too much,”, and shares information relating to food, herbs, and lifestyle choices that can help you get through this holiday season. You will receive handouts to use as tools to help you through, as well as recipes for healthy holiday foods. Snacks will be served!

Eating with Intention: Where Food Becomes Nourishment

There is a sharp difference between eating to fill a void and eating to nourish your body. Nourishment requires energy, intention and pleasure. Join our Nutrition Educator as she discusses the importance of the mind/body connection when it comes to eating and optimal health. You will learn the physiology of stress and how it inhibits proper nutrition, as well as simple ways to add mindful eating into your everyday life. You will leave with handouts containing information to use at home, as well as recipes to nourish your body and mind.

Breaking the Weight Gain Cycle

Have you ever tried to lose weight? Maybe you were successful for a short time and then the weight came back? Or maybe the diet you tried left you hungry and cranky? There are many factors involved in losing the weight and keeping it off. In this session, we will look at the body as a whole and discuss the role body systems play in weight. You will learn about foods and herbs that can heal and support these systems, and how to include these ingredients in your diet. From this lecture you will walk away with useful and practical tips and suggestions that can help you once and for all break the weight gain cycle.

Nutrition for Lovers; Love to Eat, Eat to Love

The body is a well-oiled machine. When all systems are working optimally, we feel healthy, strong, vital, and “interested.” When one system is out of whack, everything else works really hard to restore balance, and the body does so by prioritizing certain functions. Unfortunately, way at the bottom of the priority list are libido, hormone regulation and reproduction. Come learn how making the proper food choices can keep your systems working at their best, leaving you with plenty of energy to celebrate Valentine’s Day (or any day–or morning, or afternoon, or evening). You will receive informative handouts, recipes, and of course, a list of known aphrodisiacs!

Surviving Cold and Flu Season Naturally

For a lot of people, the cold winter months are associated with stuffy noses, sore throats, chills, and fatigue; all tell tale signs that cold and flu season is upon us. Come learn how to break this association. Our Nutrition Educator will discuss with you simple ways to give your immune system a boost, what foods to limit or avoid, and precautions you can take to reduce your exposure. We will also discuss the immune system and its role in keeping you healthy. Take charge and beat cold and flu season this year!

Sweet Deception

It’s so good, but it’s so bad. Sugar is the most addictive ‘drug’ in America. This class exposes the dangers of artificial sweeteners and presents healthier, natural options to giving sweetness to food. Find out how sugar is harming your health and what you can do about it.

Corporate Wellness

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