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The Nutrition Center will provide all the ingredients for a memorable summer program to encourage children to explore seasonal eating, the magic of whole foods, the importance of exercise, mindful eating, and the bounty of local produce. While preparing healthy and delicious recipes and taking part in various movement based activities, children will learn basic cooking skills, nutrition concepts and fitness principles.

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The Nutrition Center realizes the importance of children understanding the relationship between diet and health. Food Adventures is not just a nutrition education program, it is a form of preventative medicine and additional academic support. This hands-on nutrition cooking education program allows children pre-k through 12 to cultivate a healthy relationship with food by preparing meals through an interactive, fun, and peer-supportive approach. Our program teaches hands-on cooking skills, kitchen safety, how to prepare balanced meals, local food production as well as reinforcing the standard core curriculum tying in concepts from math, science, geography, language arts and cultural awareness. We want to inspire kids to be more adventurous with new tastes and new foods, and set them up with food knowledge and preparation skills for life!

Food Adventures Sponsors

Berkshire Coop Market, Great Barrington, MA

Stop and Shop, Holyoke, MA

Whole Foods Hadley, MA

Wild Oats Coop Market, Williamstown, MA

Big Y, Pittsfield, MA

River Valley Coop, Northampton, MA


People living in Western Massachusetts, in particular Berkshire County, are far more likely to suffer significant adverse health consequences because of inadequate nutrition knowledge and unhealthy lifestyle habits. According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Body Mass Index Screening:

•  34% of children in Berkshire County are overweight and obese.
•  Berkshire County is in the 90th percentile for physical inactivity, teenage pregnancies, and low birth weights and ranks 11th out of 14 counties in health factors.
•  Western Massachusetts was identified as the state’s region with the highest percentage of overweight adults (61%).


Without the knowledge to make smarter food choices, prevalent health issues and their related economic hardships have serious health implications for Berkshire residents. Eating patterns and behaviors are developed throughout the critical ages of 5 through 18. By targeting children to deliver the Food Adventures curriculum we hope to give children the dietary and lifestyle skills and tools they need to live healthy lives.

Since Food Adventures’ inception in 2009, more than 1,200 classes have been delivered to some 7,000 Berkshire County school-age children in an effort to address health disparity rates in the Berkshire region. During the 2015-2016 academic year, nearly 150 classes were taught, and that number is ever-increasing, hopefully to include all of the county’s school children.

Most children who participate in Food Adventures said they were introduced to new, novel foods and nearly 70% of students of all ages indicated they would eat the foods prepared in class again. If they cook it, they WILL eat it! Or at least try it. More than half of the children said they would or have made Food Adventures recipes at home with their families. Bringing healthy food home and opening more fun avenues for healthy eating that the whole family can participate in is one of the many benefits of Food Adventures. Furthermore, as a population heavily targeted by processed food marketing efforts, children are at great risk of developing unhealthy eating habits that carry into adulthood. This is why nutrition education programs such as Food Adventures need to be developed and implemented for the school-age population.


Our curriculum can be modified to teach any age.  Students get excited and look forward to the opportunity to set up a kitchen right in their classrooms and try new foods with their peers. Food Adventures can be taught during school and in after school programs. Our program is supported from foundation grant support, corporate sponsorship, program fees and from caring community leaders who want to invest in the future health of Berkshire County.

Mount Everett High School Sheffield MA
Morris Elementary School, Lenox, MA
Muddy Brook Regional Elementary GB MA
Nessacus Regional Middle School Dalton MA
New Marlborough Central School Marlborough MA

Pine Cobble School Williamstown MA
Saint Mary’s School Lee MA
Silvio O. Conte Community School Pittsfield MA
Stearns Elementary School Pittsfield MA
Undermountain Elementary School Sheffield MA
Williamstown Elementary School Williamstown MA

BART Charter Public School Adams MA
Berkshire Trail Elementary School Cummington MA
Brayton Elementary School North Adams MA
BRIDGE at Pittsfield High School Pittsfield MA
Craneville Elementary School Dalton MA
Crosby Elementary School Dalton MA
Greylock Elementary School North Adams MA
KidZone Child Care/ Educational Center Pittsfield MA
Kittredge Elementary School Hinsdale, MA

Monument Valley Middle School Great Barrington MA
Morningside Community Elementary Pittsfield MA

Have you participated in a food adventures class or program? Tell us about your experience!


“They were fabulous yesterday. It was such a good A program the 6th graders ate it up, literally. In fact, one of the teachers announced at the staff meeting just how terrific the program was and wanted everybody to know what a nice job they did. Kudos to you!” Mary-Jo Erickson Connors, Central Berkshire

“I am amazed and proud to have had the children of the Southern Berkshire Child Care Program participate in such an enriching, educational, hands-on learning experience. Your time and dedication have enabled the children to grow in so many ways this summer. As you see by the smiling faces, you have made a great impact on the children’s lives!” Jaime Higgins – SBCCP Director

“I usually don’t like salad, but this (vegetable fried rice) is like a salad heated up, I like it!” Jacob, 4th grader from Pittsfield Morningside.

“That rainbow wrap was so good!” Anonymous  Food Adventures Participant

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