Fresh Start Cooking Classes

Fresh Start Cooking Classes

Fresh Start provides on-site 4-16 weekly healthy cooking classes and nutritional guidance for young families, low-income residents and to the general public. Participants learn to prepare and share meals together, building a strong community and nutritional foundation for their families’ future.

Fresh Start classes cover topics such as making the most of your food budget (including stretching SNAP dollars), building a balanced meal, label reading, meal planning, and cooking for young children. All classes will teach basic kitchen skills focusing on simple manageable recipes, and utilizing affordable ingredients. Basic nutritional concepts will be emphasized, while incorporating healthy portion sizes of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Program instructors will collaborate with key community stakeholders, such as nutrition-focused pediatricians and nonprofits, area grocery stores, prenatal and lactation specialists, and neighborhood community gardens.

By the end of your Fresh Start program, participants will have:

1. Discovered what nutrition habits have the most positive health benefit.
2. Learned the cooking skills needed to prepare simple healthy meals and snacks for themselves and their families.
3. Learned how to budget and plan meals.
4. An increased awareness of available health, nutrition and food resources in the area.

Get a Fresh Start to your day!

We currently offer Fresh Start at The Christian Center, Redfield House and Adlib Center for Independent Living.  If your organization has resources to offer Fresh Start to your community please contact The Nutrition Center to set up an appointment with a representative at 413-429-8110 or

Pay it Forward

We rely the generous donations from caring individuals and foundation grant support to provide Fresh Start Cooking Classes. Sponsoring Fresh Start helps to provide those in need a real chance to succeed in a living healthy nutritious lives for themselves and their families. For each $250.00 donated we can teach a Fresh Start class reaching 10-15 participants. We are a 301(c)(3) non-profit organization and your donations are tax deductible.