At The Nutrition Center we believe that every person should have access to safe healthy nourishing food. Due to increased cost of living and  budget cuts to social service programs having access to wholesome foods for many are simply out of reach. An informed nutritious community means lower healthcare costs, increased society productivity and a better future for our children.  By signing your name you will be expressing your support for the following statement “ I believe that every person should have access to nutritious food and that no person should go hungry”.

This means that you will be expressing your support for:

  1. Transparency between those seeking food assistance and food assistance services.
  2. Promoting a culture where health & nutrition are the priority and fresh nutritious foods are available to all.
  3. Increased awareness of how to decrease food waste and use excess food to feed those in need.

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The Nutrition Center seeks to inspire a healthy relationship with food through counseling, nutrition and culinary education.  By raising awareness about food access we hope to assist in creating a culture where health and nutrition are the priority therefore, helping to make wholesome foods available to all.  Hunger is not just having enough food but the right types of food to live an active healthy life.  As part of the solution The Nutrition Center has created an online food access directory for Berkshire County with interactive maps and listings called Berkshire Food Web (BFW).  Berkshire County residents and Social service workers in need can quickly find near by services including program descriptions, days of operation and contact information. We invite you to help us grow this valuable community resource in exchange for a tax deductible donation.

Berkshire Food Web so far contains over 150 verified resources:

    • 26 Pantries
    • 28 Community Meal Sites
    • 75 Farmers Markets/ Stands (Including CSA & PYO Farms)
    • 24 Community Gardens

In addition BFW offers:

    • PDFs of all food assistance services in southern, central & northern Berkshire county regions.
    • Online bulletin board to post event flyers for public gatherings in relation food access & security.
    • Volunteer & internship opportunities at food access resources.

BFW is an invaluable resource and is the region’s only resource as a single listing of all food assistance services. Make a one-time donation and join us in connecting people to food services to bridge the financial gap to alleviate hunger in the Berkshires.  On behalf of The Nutrition Center and Berkshire County we thank you for your support.


To all community members who have taken a stand to Alleviate Hunger in the Berkshires we thank you! Help cultivate food activism & email this web-link to your friends & family and get them to declare today!

Name Date CityState
1.Stephanie MacLeay 6/29/2015Ashley FallsMA
2.Peter Stanton6/29/2015Great BarringtonMA